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Fine Grading & Seeding - Robinson Landscape
Fine Grading
& Seeding

Fine grading is the preparation of the land for seeding and sodding. The first step is called firming, where a heavy machine compacts the soil. Excess stones and rocks are then removed, followed by smoothing. This step is done by hand and levels any abnormal patches. The final step is seeding. Robinson Landscape has the machinery and man power to tackle any of your fine grading and seeding projects.

Seeding & Sodding

When seeding, we make sure to take into account numerous factors such as seed quality, seeding rates, and timing to ensure optimal results. Seed is evenly spread to obtain a uniform lawn that looks stunning.


Sodding is considered the simplest way to quickly craft a flawless lawn. Sod is turf cut into big rectangular strips and stored in large rolls. Upon delivery, we will unroll the sod onto the prepped soil to instantly give your property a perfect look.

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