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Lower Bucks County Sewer Easement

It was the 80’s. Pool was permitted and installed. Family loved it and it was a party until you tried to sell the house and couldn’t because of updated sewer easement ordinances. “Houston, we have a problem.”

Many pools in the mid-Atlantic region were installed on top of 10” terra cotta sewer lines for the neighborhood, which now poses serious risk to those lines. Many townships have written new ordinances that require homeowners to remediate these installations to keep the lines safe from damage. That’s where Robinson Landscape comes in.

Quickly Align with the New Ordinances

Robinson Landscape is well-versed in current township ordinances regarding sewer easements and can be relied on to quickly get your property into alignment with these ordinances. We have successfully performed many projects of this type over the last few years and look forward to working with you.

We specialize in removal or remediation of numerous structures on your property. From pools, to sheds, to patios, we have the experience, expertise, and machinery to quickly and safely bring your property into compliance, whether for sale or peace of mind.





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