Water Features

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Water Features will bring beauty and tranquility to your home and ensure that it is always buzzing with life. There are many things to consider in a water upgrade including the design and flow, plant life, ornamentals, aquatic life, and bordering elements. We install ponds with or without waterfalls, fountains, as well as rain water barrels or conservation apparati.


There is nothing more soothing than the sound of running water. A waterfall can add excitement and buzzing wildlife to your yard. Design and placement of waterscapes is key, and Robinson Landscaping takes aesthetics, energy flow, placement, weather conditions, and environment into careful consideration with every water feature we install.


A pond is usually designed with freshwater aquatic or amphibious life in mind. We have installed koi ponds, water gardens, and the like for many years now. We have a long list of aquatic plants from which to chose from for your water garden. When you see your reflection staring back at you, we hope you will smile at yourself and find peace and tranquility.

buddha fountain


Fountains are a fun way to bring character to a pond or water feature. There are many head pieces to choose from, and we ensure a self-sufficient water system with even flow, equalized pressure, and steady streams. A fountain can have any design as long as it has a spout and a water source.

Rain Water Conservation

In todays society we need to conserve water. According to a Gallup poll in March 2008 Americans rated their level of worry about each of 12 environmental concerns, the top 4 all related to the quality of water. Harvesting rainwater is better all around for you, your children, grandchildren and the generations to come. A quality company who is the leading innovator of water features Aquascape, Inc. has designed a revolutionary system known as the RainXchange sytem.

Harvesting rainwater helps to avoid strict watering schedules during droughts and reduce water bills. Recycled rainwater is also better for the plants in your yard because no chemicals are added to rainwater. The water feature created from the system enhances the yard and increases value. Tying the downspouts into the system will recycle the rain water which falls on the roof. One inch of rain on a 2,000 sf. house is the equalivent of 1,250 gallons of water. According to the DEP website, Connecticut recieves on average 45 inches of rain. Just in one year on one roof that is 2,000 sf, harvesting the rainwater from just the roof alone would recycle 56,250 gallons. Harvesting the rainwater that falls on the driveway by using a Permeable pavement system would increase the amount of gallons conserved. For a short video on the installation of a rainwater harvesting system click here. Use the RainXchange system to get up to 12 LEED points on a “Green Project”.