Services We Offer:

  • Re-grade or re-slope landscape so water will run off in another direction.
  • Solutions for frost heaving (water freezing in soil near the surface resulting in an on-going expansion of soil which exerts extremely damaging pressure on structures)
  • Surface water solutions to drain standing water on your property.
  • Solutions to sub-surface water (water that occurs below the surface of the Earth)
  • Excavate & haul material away.
  • Drain tile installation to get rid of standing water on your property.
  • Installation of a sump pump.
  • Drainage pipe installation.
  • Rain gutter & run-off drain installation.

Equipment Available for Services:

  • Trencher with laser controls
  • Mini-Excavators for re-grading& digging along foundations.

French Drains

Does your neighbors land sit at a higher elevation than yours; causing excessive moisture on your property? If so, you need more effective yard drainage. One option in this case is installing French drains. These drains consist of trenches about 6” wide and 10”-24” deep. A 4” perforated pipe is placed in the bottom of the trench. The trench is filled with washed gravel. Surface water will drain through this gravel and run through the pipe to a determined runoff point eliminating the excessive moisture on your property.

Common Landscape Drainage Problems

The Northeast US experiences some of the most extreme changes in climate in the world. These seasonal changes can wreak havoc on Pennsylvanian’s property. In the spring, for example, over-saturation due to snow melt can cause basement flooding or driveway drainage problems.

Whether you’re looking for a driveway drainage solution or a way to stop basement flooding, chances are good that we have dealt with a similar situation. Here’s a list of some common drainage problems we often see in the Hudson Valley:

  • Lawn Drainage
  • Garden Pooling
  • Property Grading
  • Driveway Drainage
  • Gutter Drainage
  • Poor Landscape Drainage
  • Foundation Drainage (Basement)
  • Persistent Flooding
  • Drainage Erosion
  • Poor or Unsloped Grading
  • Bad Parking Lot Design for Drainage

When dealing with commercial or residential drainage, the bottom line is that water needs a place to go. But each situation is always unique. If your project requires earth to be moved, we are fully equipped to handle small-to-medium scale excavation and land clearing. Robinson Landscape has the experience and the heavy equipment necessary to get the job done correctly and in accordance with local regulations and building codes. Assessment:

First we start with a drainage assessment of your property. We look at the topography of the landscape, soil makeup, size of the home or facility, and basic ergonomics, (i.e, how people interact with your property, such as use of paths, parking lots, entry points, etc). Solutions:

Using proven landscaping techniques, we can easily and affordably address common lawn drainage problems, soil erosion, and basement flooding issues. If you or your customers have been living with the ongoing annoyance of flooding walkways or parking lots, we can help. It’s called Storm Water Management, it’s environmentally friendly, and it can change the way you experience your property.